Hong Cui, Ph.D

Dr. Cui's research focuses on machine learning applications for semantic annotation of semi-structured information, with a current focus on biodiversity literature. She develops and evaluates machine learning algorithms for converting born-digital and digitized taxonomic descriptions into new Semantic Web formats (e.g., XML, RDF). Her work has an explicit impact on how scientific information can be retrieved and used in the digital era by turning the wealth of human-readable scientific information into something that can be understood and read by computers. She is the principal investigator or co-PI of a number of multi-million dollar National Science Foundation-funded projects. The methodology developed by Dr. Cui has been adopted by several other research groups in the US and abroad. Her biosemantics research group is part of the Biodiversity Informatics Lab. 
Federal research grants:
• Co-PI: “Collaborative Research: Building a Comprehensive Evolutionary History of Flagellate Plants” $53,198. Awarded (DEB 1541509) 1/2016-12/2019.
• Co-PI: Special Creativity Extension to "Collaborative Research: AVATOL - Next Generation Phenomics for the Tree of Life” $117,422. Awarded (DEB-1208567). 5/2015-5/2017.
• PI: Research Experience for Undergraudate Students (REU) supplement to "Collaborative Research: AVATOL - Next Generation Phenomics for the Tree of Life” $7,500. Awarded (DEB-1208567). 5/2014-5/2017.
• PI, “BCSP: Collaborative Research: ABI Development: Exploring Taxon Concepts (ETC) through analyzing fine-grained semantic markup of descriptive literature,” NSF, $1,095,946.00. Awarded (DBI-1147266). 7/2012-6/2016
• Co-PI, “Collaborative Research: Next Generation Phenomics for the Tree of Life,” NSF, $335,000. Awarded (DEB-1208567). 5/2012-4/2015.
• Subcontractor, "Collaborative research: ABI Development: Ontology-enabled reasoning across phenotypes from evolution and model organisms" (NSF DBI-1062542), $49,596. Awarded. 7/2011-6/2013.
• PI, "Fine-Grained Semantic Markup of Descriptive Data for Knowledge Applications in Biodiversity Domains," NSF, $700,452.00, Awarded (EF-0849982). 9/2009-8/2012.
• PI, "The Value of Automated Semantic Annotation for Biodiversity Informatics," NSERC, Canada, $75,000. Awarded. 2007. PI moved in 2007.